Guess who's hosting Parler now

According to this twitter post (which I was able to confirm with nslookup)

Parler is now hosted on’s servers. These are located in the Russian Federation!

Guess who isn’t subject to warrants when it comes to investigating servers located on foreign soil? All the big intelligence agencies.

I hope every parlotian fully partakes in expressing their new found freedom in the loving arms of Brother Putin.


How else are these assholes going to provide on-line training modules?


I saw this on and thought the thread was interesting. Coincidences? IDK.


More on ddos-guard:


Guess who’s hosting owning Parler now:



DDoS Guard doesn’t actually host servers, and it’s unclear how much of their infrastructure is physically in the Russian Federation. The IP address that acts as the front door for right now is registered as being in Belize.

Not trying to say the Russia connection isn’t real. It totally is. Just… we have even less insight into where traffic is going than even this would imply. I’m expecting to find out they’re using a Russian hosting company for colocation in addition to DDoS Guard for protecting their front door.

(Also, kinda sick of seeing Vickery’s tweet. If during an outage I had thrown a splash page up somewhere and then told my boss, “We’re back up!” I’d have been fired. parler isn’t up right now. They’re scrambling to rebuild their infrastructure, and by their estimates won’t be online until February.)

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