Gut microbes may control your brain


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So the best therapy might be a good wet kiss from someone who has it all together?

Yea, except they wouldn’t kiss me with someone else’s lips.

Haven’t RTA, but I read an article a few weeks ago about the same subject and the research was funded by Danone (I think that somebody from Danone was also “consulting” on the study). Danone = Dannon yoghourt

The study was funded by Danone Research. Mayer has served on the company’s scientific advisory board. Three of the study authors (Denis Guyonnet, Sophie Legrain-Raspaud and Beatrice Trotin) are employed by Danone Research and were involved in the planning and execution of the study (providing the products) but had no role in the analysis or interpretation of the results.

Beyond the complex microbiology these researchers are doing, there’s an even more direct way your gut influences your brain.

Imagine the effect on your psyche if you can never go on a long walk on the beach, or go scuba diving, or sit through a longish movie without missing part of it, or any of the other pleasurable activities that require you to be too far from a toilet because diarrhea might strike at any moment. Imagine scanning every street you walk down and road you drive on for thick bushes or someplace else you could potentially hide. Imagine having to interrupt sex to go noisily destroy the bathroom. Imagine this going on for years.

I don’t doubt that gut flora has some effect on neurology, but the lowered quality of life associated with “stomach problems” can itself be a significant negative influence on mental health.

This was the basis of the theory of the highly controversial Dr. Wakefield, the maybe-maybe-not discredited study linking the MRA vaccine to autism.

His theory is that, in children with already weak intestinal flora, the effect of the strong triple vaccine could be the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back,’ decimating the weak cultures and ecosystem, leading to fungal growth that produced toxins that circulated to the brain, causing Autism.

I’d guess around 90% of Boingers detest Dr. Wakefield and believe his work is rubbish…but honestly, how many here knew what Wakefield’s theory even is, or how similar it is to seemingly verifiable science like this?

The issue with Dr. Wakefileld was falsified data and ethical lapses in his research, so his theory was unproven. There is a large difference between a plausible theory and an “on the way to being proven” theory supported by reproducible research.

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