Guy buys old computer junk at thrift store for $24 and makes a good game emulation machine

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I decided to pick up an LG monitor off the curb the other day and am now contemplating how much trouble I want to go through in order to find the missing proprietary power supply. I suppose it’s at least easier than trying to haul around a CRT.

Also, $10 for a PS3 controller is quite the bargain – there are no official drivers for Windows, but the unofficial ones work well enough.

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Anyone know the game he is playing at 3:25?

Think he says it’s the PSP version of God of War

2 years ago I got a used 2006 Mac Pro for free on Craigslist. I’ve been using it as my main computer ever since, including typing this post on it. One man’s junk, as they say…


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