Guy shipped gifts to homeless people

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This is Great for Rob Bliss, and I am sure Rob Bliss is a good person for doing this. Rob Bliss however is an individual, and his contribution has touched lives of individuals, good for him! Good for Rob Bliss. Let us all say his name a few times.

This is just not a systematic answer to anything but Rob Bliss’ guilt for doing well under the system that made Rob Bliss individually wealthy enough to do this. Not saying Rob Bliss did anything wrong, but I am saying Rob Bliss hasn’t addressed the problem or encouraged us to, just had some band aids delivered to those he can see, himself.

Likely true enough, but I bet that “shoeless in December” guy is glad that he hasn’t lost any toes yet, thanks to the sudden appearance of socks and shoes. And if some people are inspired by this video to do something similar, I bet the recipients in those cases will feel better too. Sure, “homelessness” won’t suddenly disappear, but some human suffering will have been alleviated a bit.

I anxiously await your pointing us to videos, or even articles or web sites of orgs, that will help us fight homelessness in more systemic ways.

Meanwhile, I’m going to continue finding ways to help such people, who are so much less fortunate than me, feel a little more warm and welcome in this fucked-up world.



I have to hope Rob Bliss understands we solve problems more effectively together than we can individually. That his personal choice to apply his personal resources is good, and addresses an immediate need in a fellow being. Cool beans. We can do better together.

I sure hope my appreciation for him has come across, while I give him a gentle ribbing for patting himself on the back a bit, in public, for being a good person.

When I pull through my own local downtown and I get asked for money at stoplights, I’ve handed out socks. I’ve handed out pizza. Not super often, but it’s been done. Never occurred to me I could be a job creator while I did so, and subdivide and delegate the overall act across a few profit making entities is all.

I’d rather the government that i already pay, be doing that, and tax me a lot more steeply. Or a charitable group that already does this, for no profit, possibly.

I suspect Rob Bliss is closer to what the immediate future is going to look like than my ideas of collective action, sensible taxation, and humane public policies, are, for sure he is on the right track.

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etc etc.

I sure hope my not having all the answers personally doesn’t disqualify my opinions, and I hope you didn’t have to wait too long! Anxiety is the worst!


Great start!

(And yeah yeah, quick too.)


I normally give a dollar when I see a homeless person. It isn’t much and I know it isn’t going to change their situation. But to me it’s a way of acknowledging them personally. Homelessness is so isolating and frightening, and asking strangers for help takes a lot of courage.


Emphasis mine, that’s it exactly. Well said.

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