Hacker who looted millions of customer records from T-Mobile confirms that "their security is awful"

Originally published at: Hacker who looted millions of customer records from T-Mobile confirms that "their security is awful" | Boing Boing


It feels so good to have unique 20 character passwords in 1Password.


If everything else about a company seems cheap, you can bet their IT security is underfunded.

The reverse is not true, of course. If they have money, their IT security is likely also not properly funded.

Pretty much if you’re dealing with any given company, chances are good their IT security is poor.


I’ve looked up the meaning and I still don’t know what it means. Sometimes I have the reading level of a new-born.

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And I apologize. It was the wrong word. Lately I’ve had the writing skills of a newborn.

…security is awful

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T-Mobile is responsible for giving my cell phone number to a scam fraudster when they called up and claimed to have lost the password. F#cking piece of sh#t company.


That won’t stop T-Mobile from sending a one-time code to somebody else to change that password. Don’t ask how I know that.


I won’t ask but am curious to hear the details. Did the one time code go to your email or phone or someone previously not on the account.

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Social engineering a telco is a right of passage in some corners. They’ve been consistently notorious at just assuming that they were sufficiently sacred to never need strong security, and it’s finally catching up with the industry.

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He’s being interviewed by a “journalist”?
How come it’s not a cop/prosecutor?

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Only time I’ve been a victim of identity theft was due to TMobile. They actually stopped someone one day because the person mispronounced the name on my account. Scammer went into a store in FL, where I haven’t been for 20 years, and they called me to ask if it was authorized and I said hell no and somehow they let the person walk out of the store. Next day they went into another store and purchased four of the newest iPhone, no money down, and financed $2800 on my account. I think Tmobile just ate the loss.

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The exact same thing happened to me. They eventually refunded my account after some back and forth with their fraud team.

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…and I tort I had kills of a new bone

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