Hackers compromised smart fish tank at casino


There were supposed to be defenses in the fish tanks to prevent that.


The oven company wants to know if you put a fish from the automatic fish tank company in it, because the oven company and the fish tank company hate each other because they are run by brothers who fight all the time with each other, and with their sister, the CEO of the automatic toaster company.


I gotta be honest. I read the headline and thought, “must be that time of year again when all the hackers go to Vegas” .

But it’s not! I’m early! Wow. I guess only by a week. Seriously what are the odds this story breaks within a week or two of Defcon?

And with that said, it is time for some fish puns.

Don’t play koi: we all know you don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to hack into IoT devices.


You fools! I distinctly said “try a phishing attack!”


normally I’d say you could see right through


I’ll see your…

…and raise you this:


I guess network administrator overlooked this risk, she/he had probably bigger fishes to catch


Hey, animal rights, here. Fish deserve access to porn just like the rest of us.


Sound more like the “plot” of one of those crappy Shadowrun books

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