Hackers compromised smart fish tank at casino


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/20/hackers-compromised-smart-fish.html

Security expert says she helped a casino whose high-roller database was stolen through an Internet of Shit fish-tank thermometer

Please say it was this one.


Just how smart are these so called smart fish?


I think the fish were in on the hack.


Naturally they used a fish tank. Once they had that, there was easy access to the tubes.


The IoT - what could possibly go wrong?


Why do people connect EVERYTHING to the internet? What possible need would a fish tank, inside a 24 hour casino, why does it need to be connected?

Its like cars, why do they tie their operating system to the internet? There is no reason they have to do this. Its just laziness.


Perhaps the fish tanks are maintained by some aquarium specialist contractor? They could remotely monitor temperature, pH and food on all their tanks at many locations.


Has anyone confirmed it wasn’t a fish in the tank?



Maybe it’s for the benefit of the fish, not ours. I’ve heard they enjoy trawling dating sites and convincing lonely men that they’re talking to women interested in a relationship. Cruel fish.


At last the internet has come full circle, and starts to look like something out of Neuromancer.

“All right, I’m into the fish tank. From there it’s just a short hop through the casino, and we’re into Megadyne Labs. Watch out for black ICE, it’s everywhere.”


After all, the “S” in “IoT” is for security.


sometimes you eat the whale, and sometimes the whale eats you


Inside job.


A friend who works in cabling was telling me yesterday that he got called out to a hotel to put a wifi repeater in the kitchen, because they had to put their oven online to get warranty coverage. Like I guess the oven company wants to know you aren’t using it to cremate corpses or cook meth or something?


Why do you need a fish tank attached to the internet? Why?


These Ocean’s Number heist movie screenplays write themselves!


It was probably a large and complicated tank, very unlike the one that accompanies the article.


Personally, I welcome our fish tank overlords.