Halo 5 is here

Hey @jlw, coupla questions:

  1. How is this thread still open after considerably more than 5 days?

  2. More importantly, how are you liking Halo 5 after these couple of months? Hanging in there for you? I still haven’t bothered with it yet, but I thought I’d check and see if you found lasting amusement with the campaign and multiplayer. My (minimal) game time lately has been committed to Fallout 4, which is swell but not yet as compelling as the last two Fallouts were for me. But I’m only ~26 hours in so far.

  3. Oh, and how do you like Sparrow Racing in Destiny? I found it mildly amusing for a half hour or so, but not enough to hook me back into Destiny.

  1. Ask on the Genii forums, it’s clearly secret magic.

  2. Halo 5 failed. The story was weak and the new characters were more distraction than fun. Multiplayer physics stink compared to Destiny.

  3. Sparrow racing is fun, but we need more tracks. The prizes are great. Taken king is a great expansion. I am a fan.

Expect a star wars battle front review soon!

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