Video Games (long-haired ethics people need not apply)


Greetings, my fellow commentators.

Now, I know, we all fear the gators,

But this aggression will not stand; this aggression of lamers.

So let’s have a thread, a thread for gamers.


Playing a zelda sequel (wind waker HD on the wiiU) for the first time. First zelda game in forever, but whenever I return to the series I’m always impressed by how tight the game is. The pacing, the puzzles, always highly polished.

The stories, never so much. But the design and execution of zelda games is always evident and impressive to me.


Awesome Games Done Quck

Something recent that made me proud to say I’m a gamer. More than $2million raised for cancer research sponsoring and watching people play video games. There’s a LOT of video here, but it’s well worth a skim through to watch your very favourite games being destroyed by the speedrunners.


OMG this year was insane

tetris face melting was crazy, batman glitching was fun, but my absolute fave was the ninja gaiden relay



Even before the recent bullshit, I’d hesitate to call myself a gamer. I play a fair chunk of games, though. Usually older ones and always on one-player “Billy No-Mates” mode, so not exactly up with what’s current. :smile:



As an aside, did you see TASbot this year?


Fair enough. I own 5 guitars, 5 amps, 3 harmonicas, 1 bass guitar, 1 theramin, 1 ukulele, and 1 stylophone and still I object if anyone calls me a guitarist or a musician. I don’t like being called a pro because I just like to play.

I’d like this to be a thread about people who like to play video games.


When Microsoft kills the Chief AGAIN, I am afraid all that will be left for me is Destiny.

I understand that Windows Phone’s “Siri” is “Cortana” – IT ALMOST MADE ME CONSIDER IT. Cortana is lightyears better than Dinklebot in Destiny. Really some of the best voice acting in a game, ever.


Sounds good. :+1:
Any suggestions for dickhead-free co-op only Minecraft servers? I don’t do much social interaction in games, but would love to contribute to a bigger project.


TASbot - Crazy.

Does the VW have a name yet…cuz I’m thinkin Warthog.

The first anti-dickhead community that comes to my mind looks like it’s been quiet for a year. I know there must be bigger minecraften among the community here (and staff), I trust someone will pop by with a suggestion.

As an aside, I was surprised to see some reddit clans and some somethingawful gangs in my travels that were pretty well run.


I played Glitch quite a fair bit. It suited my quirks. Nobody expected you to talk to them if you didn’t want to and I could just run around doing stupid things. If you were ever AFK and came back to find your inventory stuffed full of onions and stew that might have been me. :smiley:


I know for a FACT there’s at least one Glitch aficionado abouts.

I think I tried Glitch during beta and from what I’ve read I missed out by not sticking around.

Though glad they’ve made their lovely art available for free.


I barely play these days. Haven’t had a gaming PC for 10 years now.

I did recently start a second play through of XCOM (I never played the orignal), which despite its many flaws is fun. But I don’t have the time these days.

I might play through Fez again, too, and I’m tempted to try The Curious Expedition -

Never much liked multiplayer games, played a few LAN games of Total Annihilation and Unreal Tournament, don’t want to get my ass kicked by kids online :smile:

If I had a decent PC, I’d be trying Elite : Dangerous…


Evolve also has promise. I did not love L4D and L4D2 like I do the Halo series – but they were the only games to hold my attention other than Halo on the Xbox 360.

Oh and Portal. Portal 2 put me to sleep tho.



Me too. I firmly blame the original for the state of my education. Frontier on the Amiga had it’s hooks in me, too. Flawed, but brilliant.


The original? I remember crashing into the Lave space station a lot on the Electron, and barely getting any further…


Oh it’s good. It looks INCREDIBLE and it’s a solid base. It’s an odd one, because it was kinda launched sparse, but the plans they have for its future are exciting, and the fact that they devs can add in new content on the fly to reflect player actions makes for a really interesting game.


BBC Micro version for me. Once you mastered that awkward first docking and traded your way up to some docking computers, it got way less tedious.

Oolite’s a damned solid modern version (free, open-source, Win/Mac/Linux) and allows a lot more flexibility.


Infinifactory just came out on Steam early access (PC-only right now) and it’s superb. Fascinating and tricky puzzle game about making factories out of blocks. By the creator of SpaceChem, which is also great and similarly ridiculously difficult.

I don’t even like puzzle games usually but these are more about mechanisms, like trying to build elaborate minecraft piston systems. It has Workshop support too, so look forward to hundreds of fiendish puzzles to play with.


That’s totally ok. I’ve not yet owned a Sony consoul.

Them’s fighting words. There is so much wonderful in that game: Cave Johnson. Potato batteries. Spaaaace.

It’s a less pure game than Portal, sure. But I like to think that adding that richness of background adds to the anticipated crossover between Portal and Half-Life.