'Halo Infinite' seeks to redeem the franchise

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I feel the trailer lost something when master chief didn’t hit his head on that bulkhead.


Yeah, we’ll see. Games are now wringing the dry cloths same as Tinsel Town. Love me some Niven + Heinlein + Banks ripoff Halo as much as the next nerd, but high time for lucrative cash grabs to get up out the way for new generations.


Just like with blockbuster movies, when spending several hundred million dollars developing and marketing a game, publishers really like that sense of security that comes with it being a sequel…

We’re going to see a lot more sequels in the future, especially when the next generation of consoles come out and bump up development costs yet again.


100% agree. Market consolidation is anathema to innovation, resulting in cycles of boom and bust.


Just give the Chief back to Bungie. I don’t care if he bites it and comes back as a Destiny Guardian. Get him away from Microsoft stewardship.


I always read that as Master Chef. (Master Chief sounds like a 60s Texaco gasoline brand: Sky Chief, Fire Chief, Master Chief…)


Halo is my real life version of “Forever War.” I’ve been playing (as an adult) since the series came out. And I’ll go into multiplayer and be going up against some 13 year old who wasn’t even born yet.


Of course, no weirder than the 18 year olds going over to Afghanistan because of 9/11


Although the market consolidation is itself another side-effect of rising development costs - the number of studios (and then publishers) that could afford to spend the amount that a AAA game costs to develop shrinks as the AAA game budget increases over time. Every time new consoles that allow for bigger, more elaborate games come out, studios shut down (and their workforce added to make other studios larger), and publishers go broke (and their IPs bought up by other publishers, now with a bigger catalog of games with which to make sequels).


It’s tough to make those huge titles, and getting tougher. Activision/Blizzard made about the same revenue in 2017 as King did. Activision Blizzard had three major releases that year which presumably had very high development costs (I’m sure making Destiny 2 cost a bundle). King likely employed one co-op student to design new Candy Crush levels and spent the rest of the their time rolling in money.


Film Crit Hulk’s postmortem of Red Dead Revolver 2 highlighted all the issues I have with AAA games now and this is the year I think I fall off of those sort of videogames for good.

There are more to games than AAA games. As disappointed as I was with how Red Dead Redemption 2 turned out, after waiting so long for it, it hasn’t made me want to give up on gaming.

That said, thank you for the link. I look forward to reading it.

I enjoyed playing Halo 1-3 with my daughters as they were growing up,. Now that they are grown and have moved on, I have no urge to continue playing.

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Who needs him?

Oh my apologies I meant to specify that I fall off AAA games for good.

I’m currently enjoying Dead Cells quite a bit and will likely be playing Untitled Goose Game whenever it comes out.

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I’m loving Dead Cells. It pisses me off, but I still love it. I forgot about Untitled Goose Game. I plan to get that too, if/when possible.

I also rarely pre-order games anymore since they can be very hit-or-miss. But I did pre-order My Friend Pedro. Fingers crossed it’s worth it.

I still play them, but usually only three or four years after they came out. Most recently I finally played Dark Souls 1 and 2, but I’m waiting a while on 3. For one thing, it gives time for the developer (or often the fans) to fix all the bugs in the game. But generally I find these games keep me interested for less time than considerably lower budget games (Dead Cells is an example, which I played all through it’s early release).

The only games I’m really looking forward to right now are Silk Song (sequel to Hollow Knight) and Dicey Dungeons. I’m going to buy both of those the day they come out.

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“Don’t make a girl a promise if you’re not going to keep it.”

Still looking at you, Bungie.

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I hate to be that guy; or not.
Halo is for bro-flakes.

You mean the series that had a cliffhanger ending on Halo 2 and then didn’t release any more games on PC? Don’t care.


I believe they’ve used that quote post Bungie as well.