Hand-crank automata simulates water ripple


It looks to me like it’s being played backwards in that video, if it is meant to be a water ripple.

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Would somebody competent be willing to make a cropped gif of the sequence after 0:57?

Sorry for being a dickhead and bringing this up again, but “automata” still is a plural.


I hate to use the word ‘pretentious’, but it fully applies to this video. The ‘mystical’ music and lengthy shots lead to the viewer thinking that the mechanism is somehow confusing, rather than being explanatory and encouraging the viewer to ACTUALLY “adapt, create, deliver” as the very briefly screened tagline at the end would imply is the intent.


I was actually expecting a tabletop that oscillated.
Now if somebody would create a full-sized table with leaves in it that moved-up-and down like that, I’d consider it furniture with a real showstopping effect.

Simple and effective. I’d certainly be pleased with it if I’d built it; I wouldn’t mind displaying it in my library as a small kinetic artwork.

(Not yet decided how much I’d pay for it, if I saw it in a convention artshow.)

Mildly arousing.

Totally agree. Focusing on all the cams at the beginning is bass-ackwards. The automaton is wonderful; the video presentation does it a disservice.

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