Hand Mirror - Mac menu bar app to pre-check your face before a teleconference

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/03/19/hand-mirror-mac-menu-bar-app.html

but why not just use the photo booth app which already comes on your mac?


It’s kind of appalling that zoom doesn’t already have this as a feature.

You can test your camera and mic before joining a meeting in Zoom but it takes a couple more clicks.

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You apparently did NOT read the FAQ.

This app is sick, I installed it, and it’s great. This is a utility of much utility!

Because it doesn’t look like a hand mirror when you use it.

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On a mac/zoom, hit command-comma (options) and click the video category (on the left) to turn on your camera with a preview

Honey, I don’t need a mirror to know I look good…


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