Hand-painted Haunted Mansion stretching portraits coasters on Italian marble


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What? No Arduino?

just curious- does it say anywhere on the site that these are hand-painted? They’re gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind owning a set, but I’m pretty sure these are direct printings of the original paintings, considering the exactness of the detail.

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You have a good eye–it’s decoupage.
FWIW, the overview:

Handmade item
Materials: travertine, tile, tumbled tile, marble tile, tumbled marble, limestone, felt, decoupage, italian marble, haunted mansion, disney world, disneyland, disney

+1/Like/upvote/DoublePlusGood on their awesomeness.

The “Italian marble” description is interesting to me. Is Italian marble like…better marble? Or is just nonsense to try to improve the value?

Like “this, uh, air mattress was lovingly hand-designed by fine Italian craftsmen” (some guy named Giuseppi from Kansas City, US did the spec sheet while interning with Coleman. But he’s like 75% Italian by heritage.)

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