Handbook to figure out what's in the public domain


Short version:

Probably <—No— Was it published after 1920 —Yes—> Probably not, and probably never.


How about: [Is it worth one thin dime?] >> Hands off!

Wot, no mention of the US copyrights in foreign works?

I could not find a direct e-mail address for the Samuelson clinic, so I am posting my questions here in the hopes that someone from the clinic will read them.

  1. Is the handbook or the handbook with visuals licensed under a Creative Commons license?
  2. Are the handbook and visuals available in epub format or Kindle format?

Is there only one unique instance of the original? --> Too bad, the owner owns copyright in the copies he allows, and hence can restrict copies-of-the-copies.
Has Disney created a derivative? --> Too bad, that means they now own the original as well.
Does someone rich enough want to sue you anyway? --> Too bad, you won’t be able to prove it’s public domain before the attorneys bankrupt you.

Et cetera.


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