Happy public domain day: here's what copyright term extension stole from you in 2015

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Can’t even enjoy “Nino and Sonny (Big Trouble)” anymore. (B-side of “A Fine, Fine Boy”)

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Well, I know I can’t be arsed to make any creative work without the certainty that the copyright term will be extended beyond what it already is by at least a generation or two before the term expires (assuming that’s ever allowed to happen). I’m doing work for my great great great great great great grandchildren at this point. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.


Please everyone, help make my short story about using time travel to visit my great great grandchildren, and finding out they’re a bunch of useless idiots who live a hedonistic lifestyle off of the profits from my copyrighted short story about using time travel to visit them, a big success.


You might refer to it as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. Not likely that Congress will ever allow Mickey Mouse to fall out of copyright extensions, ever.


And help your low-life descendants? Never!

So what does the copywrong act say exactly now?

I made a similar list, but mine is better because it has Ironman. http://bestgeekeverpr.blogspot.com/2015/12/public-domain-damage-report-includes.html I think they should introduce mechanical licenses to the rest of copyright. And that copyright shouldn’t last as long as Stan Lee has been alive for everything, at taxpayer’s expense.


You bet. I’ll make a note in my will, asking my great grandchildren to buy a copy.

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To be fair the 1978 copyright situation seems pretty damned crazy. Works could really fall out of copyright while the authors were still alive?
Life+50 though would seem perfectly reasonable.

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