Harry Potter sets skinned in Hogwarts House livery

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There’s no mention of rebinding on the linked page - they say they’re “wrapped in one of four custom book jacket styles”.

You can see the original cover colours (under the book jackets) in the third image - which makes it pretty likely they’re the standard scholastic hardcovers with a new book jacket.


I agree with Criv…

The blurb goes onto say “jackets designed and printed by Juniper Books on a special tear and water resistant paper” not card.

At that price, they better be bound in human skin. Or maybe some kind of pegasus unicorn thing.


As someone with 30+ years of graphic design experience, can I just point out that the typography on these is really quite bad?


I suspect that the Slytherin version is best bound in the skin of a once loyal and faithful house-elf.


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