Has your credit card been stolen?


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Looks legit.


Oh shit! I’d better install that credit card protection plugin you’re advertising.


“Hey, wait a minute… THAT’s not the Wallet Inspector!”
—Homer Simpson


Probably about as secure as any other site you give the actual CC number to when you buy something. The only thing “secure” about those new chip/pin cards is the profit margin of the CC company that issued them.


Ha ha ouch.


They don’t demand biometric authentication?


That was poorly designed… There was a second page where I had to enter the CSC and my zip code before they would tell me if my card was OK.
At least it looks like my cards are all safe – 2017 is looking great so far!


You’re lucky… Mine turned out suspect and I had to mail it in for an in-depth security inspection. :frowning:


Thanks for the reminder. I noticed I’d lost my card yesterday and made a mental note to call today to have the missing card frozen and a new card issued. But I’ve been sick all day and nearly forgot.


One of the best scams I’ve seen (this one was in Japan, I haven’t seen it here yet) was websites saying “Have you been scammed? We can help!” Thus filtering it out so that they already know that anyone who’s answering is gullible enough for them to take.


Obviously fake. The real one would ask what city I was born in and my favorite movie.


I can conceivably use three different towns for where I was born: the town where I grew up, the nearest major city to the town where I grew up, and the actual place I was born. Then, just to be contrary, I will sometimes give them something totally random.

I’ve never understood the favorites question. Do people actually have such strong favorite things that that one thing is unquestionably their favorite?


I’ve gotten a few “Nigerian Prince” letters that purport to be from the Government of Nigeria, offering “restitution” to anyone who was scammed by a fake Nigerian prince. Same concept, right? Scamception!


I thought there was a law that says the answer is no. Stop confusing me!


Plus, if a person so strongly favors a thing that it becomes the favorite, then won’t they also likely talk about it enough that it’s not secret?


If it’s that strong of a favorite, then yes, definitely.


I see what you did there!


Does anyone use their real favorite? As long as you’re consistent any misspelled nonsense answer works and is much harder to guess. Favorite movie? Ispirigus. Favorite food? Mox Mod. Street you grew up on? Asfalt.


Yes, my favorite restaurant is fodykfilftyduvb. How did you guess?