Have a sex secret? "Get Cohen on the phone"


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/17/have-a-sex-secret-get-cohen.html

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH brilliant legal mind Michael Cohen advertises his services: Got Sex Secrets? Get Cohen on the Phone!


I believe that Cohen and Keith Davidson have a business model where they make attractive young women sexually available to high rollers like Trump and Broidy, then subsequently arrange the nondisclosure contracts and hush money, of which they pocket some large amount.


“Why should YOU be punished for sex you had with SOMEONE ELSE?”

Well, it sure beats “self-punishment” if you catch my drift.




Brilliant, as always. I don’t see too many sources that pile all of Cohen’s lies statements together until they become utterly nonsensical. Usually the news looks at this one, or that one, but John Oliver did it well too.




Ewww! Gross!


In case you didn’t get it…


Do you think they’ll make a movie or TV series about him?


Wait, are you telling me that what we’re seeing is real life?


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