Have your devices and social media been invasively searched at the US border? EFF wants to know about it


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I know this isn’t the best forum for such a question, but I’ve been wondering about the CBP’s ability to deny a citizen entry. Seems like something they couldn’t actually do, but I am thinking they could keep you in a cell until you complied? Is that about right?


Yeah, my wife showed me a post in her Facebook about this guy from JPL, totally shitty stuff:


I’d love the ability to give them a duress pass code, that coughs up exactly what I want them to see, and nothing else.


Ooh! OOhh!! Can you program it to do the Irene Adler ringtone from Sherlock?


I’d like to fill the free space on my devices with expletives aimed directly at the border patrol, but they might not take to kindly to it.


I would love to get detained for failure to provide a password at the border, but I have a feeling my family wouldn’t be quite as happy with my show of defiance.

From what I read last night, it sounds like the US is going to push forward with an initiative requiring refugee/asylum seekers/visa applicants to hand over their social media passwords as part of their application.


If any other country in the world did this, the US state department would tell people to avoid that country like the plague.


I almost think that’s what they are telling people.

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