Headline Awaited, reads the India Express front page


That is the correct headline, if you have followed the Indian elections at all.

At least as informative and useful as most headlines.

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“I thank the universe that I work in a forgiving electronic medium where mistakes can be swiftly corrected and not committed to millions of stamped-out pieces of stupid, inert matter.”

Agreed. Now let’s all go back to playing with our 3D printers.

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Wry comment.

“Do the Needful”

It’s not an awful pun related to the subject matter, so in this case I give it a pass.

We had the best one a couple of weeks ago. In blue: ARMS BUILDUP | BUYS PLANES | WORLD IS FUKT.

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I like the graphics. They really seem to describe the passing of time at regular intervals throughout the day.

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