Hear the stories of the last Navajo Code Talkers

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I’m always awed by those who sacrificed so much in the name of a country that treated them so poorly.

Even as recently as 2017 some racist clown was asking those heroes to pose under a photo of genocidal maniac Andrew “Indian Killer” Jackson.


One readon it worked was because the languages weren’t seen as valuable, so the speakers were all or mostly natives. If they’d studied the languages in Germany, this wouldn’t have been so effective.

And at the time of WWI and II, it was abtine when others wrre taking or trying to take the language and cultures away. That’s how little it wad valued, until some use was found for it.

I’m not sure how it was in the US, but in Canada people often needed permision to leave a reserve, and weren’t allowed some things unless they gave up their identity.

Lim limpt to all the people who keep their languages alive.


I saw something like this one my first trip West in 76’, that’s Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Six…


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The sense of defending liberal democratic institutions against fascists must have been a powerful one. Sadly, the current “president” is busy dismantling them left and right, without the excuse of an existential war that FDR had.


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