HelloFresh still using illegal primate labor, says PETA: "Monkeys are chained around the neck and forced to toil"

Exactly! The monkeys are not the problem and even the handlers may not be the problem, but there is a problem here. And simply saying that it is just one of many similar or cascading problems or that there are no better options/solutions does not erase the problem.


Who’s “us?


And Africa, and South America… but I guess we can only be outraged about one thing at a time around here. :man_shrugging:


I don’t use Hellofresh, I’m not a fan of coconuts, and I’m not a fan of PETA. Therefore, it’s not a germane argument. Perhaps someone not affiliated with peta can plagiarize the argument and we can argue about it in six months.
Peta, shouldn’t you be supergluing yourselves to something? Maybe a hot thaksgiving oven? Go and do that.

This isn’t about one user’s views but has become more about that than the OP. Time for this to end.