Costco pulls coconut milk after report on forced monkey labor

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Wait til they find out what the beef suppliers make cows do.


Any good PeTA commits is eclipsed by their killing 80% of the animals in their “shelters.”


If only they cared about forced human labor… I’m looking at you, chocolate…


I find that hard to believe. I thiught they were the ones pushing for no kill shelters. I also thought they were a political arm, campaigning rather than doing service.

ETA: it’s complicated, but yes, PETA operates some animal shelters, and yes, they euthanize a lot of those animals


AFAIK the PETA position on domestic pets is that domestication itself is unethical and all domestic animals would be better off dead.




Have these people not seen Planet of the Apes?! This is how it all starts!


Maybe they never made it as far as Conquest…


See, if these companies would have replaced the monkies with children, everything would be all right…

/s. Although from PETA’s viewpoint, probably accurate…


PETA’s gonna PETA, but I’m surprised that these food chains accepted “forced labor by animals” as a standard to pull a product. If an organic farmer uses horses or oxen to pull loads instead of internal combustion, would they pull those product? Honey? Dairy? Forcing animals to do stuff seems like a pretty broad brush.


Describing working animals as “labor” insults and degrades human labour in a way that only the idiots in PETA could come up with.


I don’t know about PETA, but back that in 1981 when I did meet some founders (few had heard of the group back then, I don’t think I had), Harriet, who knew them and was the first vegan I.met, she said she wouodn’t eat honey because it exploited bees.

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Oh, I know PETA would ditch honey, but I’m not sure Costco would…

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That’s more Humane Society of the US (HSUS) that focuses on animals and policies in issues like farming, testing, and animal cruelty laws. Different from your local Humane Society shelters that rescue animals directly.

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And seafood, and shoes and electronics and cotton and…


Right?! Ya hafta drive reeerally early in the morning to see the cows working trash detail asking the side of the road. “Mooing ova heah, boss.” “Mooing, Bossy”

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Gross. I don’t want a monkey touching my coconuts!

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PETA may be a bit overly dramatic and extreme in their positions from time to time, but we’re talking about intelligent, social primates here, not plow oxen or other similar animals that were domesticated thousands of years ago on the basis of their strength and docile nature. And whether or not you think the word “labor” is appropriate (and why not, when it’s describing a task that is often performed exactly the same way by tree-climbing humans?) it’s pretty clear that pulling out their teeth and keeping these highly social animals chained and isolated from each other as described in the investigation is a cruel and unnecessary practice.

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