Costco completely out of divination supplies, thanks to artist

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Hurray for making some poor worker’s job harder… I guess.


Maybe they’ll get a kick out of it.


Not without a pair of Boots of Kicking, which are sold out over in aisle 12.


Yeah, the sign is there so you don’t have to be interrupted by the same question every 5 minutes. Go be funny on your own time someplace else.



I’m sure there’s some little known felony charge they’ll use against her.

But, you gotta admit, a 2-pack of summoning orbs for $24.99 is a pretty good deal.


Reminds me of some of Obvious Plant’s work (pic related)


I know, right? It’s no wonder they’re sold out.

Of course, those are the shitty Kirkland orbs, and the only thing they can summon is a complacent old guy who doesn’t know where anything is anyway…


Funny, but would be funnier if it didn’t involve making more work for people who almost certainly don’t want more work. A lot of people seem to think it’s okay to do this sort of thing to big companies, as though they don’t still employ normal people who are just trying to get by. Costco’s CEO isn’t the one who comes and takes down the sign.


There is a reply she makes in the thread where she notes that she used weak tape, only covered the old signs (not removing them), and that the employees at the Costco had already been showing a sense of humor about what was going on, pretending to auction off the last case of water, for example–for whatever you find that to be worth in terms of exculpation.

All that aside, I kind of wish the boots of levitation sign had been posted 15 feet up (or alternately, posted in a section where the bottom two sections were empty but there were still goods at the very top).


I want to shop at her Costco. All we have is rotisserie chicken and bulk soy sauce.


Wait, so in one case, there’s a sign for toilet paper, and an empty shelf. In another, there’s no obvious place toilet paper was, and a fake sign for dowsing rods or some other very clever thing. You think the former situation causes more questions for the staff? Have you ever been to a Costco?


Probably not by much. They’re there for 8 hours regardless of whether they’re lifting 50lb sacks of stuff or removing a few silly signs.


Goodness. “More work” is relative. They’re there for 8 hours, regardless. And taking down a few signs isn’t that much of an interruption in their daily drudgery. For the “performance art enjoyment” return it brings to people? Furrfu.


In what world can you buy a copper dowsing rod for $12.99?

I assume one of the paraelemental planes, but let me know, because I don’t want to have to cast plane shift like ten times just to save a few bucks.


Retail can sometimes be shitty with obnoxious KPIs that aren’t always obtainable, adults behaving like children when things don’t go their way, and low pay for long hours. She left the old signs up and used scotch tape; this is an easy fix for anyone working the floor. As someone who worked retail from 2004-2016, this is exactly the kind of thing that would have brightened my day. However, the people who take clothes off the rack to then drape it on top of the rack instead of putting it back, or the ones that leave a pile of clothes in the fitting room instead of adding it to the returns pile, or the people that can’t be bothered to return carts to the cart corrals… these people kill me.


It’s the other way around. They put up the signs so that they don’t have to answer the question whether toilet paper is out 1000 times, but only 500 times. “Jokes” like this increase the amount of questions back to 1000 times and add 500 questions about the “funny” signs (which are also only funny for the first 10 times you get asked about them).

(Source: all numbers made up.)

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I fear this is already where the opinions differ.

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