PETA claims patriotic Super Bowl ad was banned by NFL

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NFL? No thanks.


Call me cynical, but they probably made this ad knowing it probably wouldn’t air so they could put out the ad on youtube and cry persecution.


Interestingly, the behind-the-scenes/making-of video reveals that after the commercial was completed, all the animations of the animals were taken to a PETA-owned facility, killed, and thrown into neighborhood dumpsters.


Considering PETA’s total revenue is ~$50MM, and a Super Bowl advert is $5MM per 30 seconds, I don’t think they were going to be spending $10MM on an advertising slot.


While the artwork is pretty good, that doesn’t begin to make up for making a mockery of civil rights yet again. Stay classy, PETA.


That eagle is thinking bunny… Yummm


I’m certain you are right.

Honestly, it’s just as well it didn’t get aired. PETA PR campaigns tend to be so dumb that they’re counterproductive*. Trying to shoehorn into BLM issues means they would have diminished both animal rights and black lives…

*Does anyone remember the whole “Sea Kittens” debacle, for instance?


Right? I couldn’t put my finger on it until you elucidated it, but something doesn’t gel for me.


Can you explain in what way it makes a mockery of civil rights?

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Equating and/or analogizing unequal treatment of non-human animals to unequal treatment of humans.


That is how Peta usually works. While I’m all for animal welfare PETA actions as an org has been really shitty over the years.


Free advertising scam and the media rises to the bait like a trout every year. Kinda sad.


I guess you didn’t like Animal Farm or Maus or Isle of Dogs then.

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Nice try. (Not really.)

Animal Farm and Maus are allegories. This is not. Haven’t seen Isle of Dogs.

If you’re going to defend this PETA ad, at least be honest about what it is and don’t try to excuse it by pretending it’s what it’s not. If you think equating systemic racism against black people in America with the fact that humans don’t treat non-human animals the same as they treat humans is anything other than racist bullshit, then that’s your prerogative. But stand behind that argument, not one that elides what the ad is pushing.


Boy I sure hope they don’t try to help black people the same way they help pets.


That’s a lot of anger you got there. I’ve seen systemic abuse of people. I’ve seen systemic abuse of animals. I don’t care for either. The person who would kick a dog because it’s not a human is the same person who would lash out at someone from a racial minority, because they don’t think of them as a person.


fucking yikes and a half
I love vegans, I’m vaguely supportive of animal rights, but they ought to censor themselves from making any arguments by analogy, I have not seen one that is not cringe

The NFL are bullies and jerks. They move to big cities and bribe politicians to give them public money to pay for stadiums to operate their business. The people who can afford to attend the games don’t live in the area where the taxes are levied. The poor get screwed. The team owner takes the money leaves town. They do this over and over.

Then we are supposed to act like the glorification of brain injuries in a national holiday.

They are also an incredibly racist organization.

Fuck everything about the NFL.