Help a beautiful Japanese-style RPG get made


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Unusually for the genre, the cast of characters is visually diverse…

How is this unusual? Anime is jam-packed with pink and green-haired characters. The purple-hair race is also well represented.


It’s probably also worth pointing out that the main characters in JRPGs are also frequently people of colour. It’s just that much of the American & European audience interprets the lack of familiar signifiers as white, so that they fail to recognize that the characters are meant to be Japanese.


That is an awesome artist and an awesome composer, so SOLD.


This game’s system is almost identical to Valkyrie chronicle with features a quirky ensemble cast and a female lead with purple(ish) hair, though distinctly less brown. I’m pretty sure most of the iconic games of the genre are extremely diverse though most have male main characters of Japanese decent. Kanji Tatsumi is one of the best homosexual characters in all media comes from a time where it was just not available.

Even outside the iconic games the ones with the most acclaim offer diverse and interesting story lines and not just mishmashes of fan service, even if the casts become much more “traditonal” homogeneous humans and animal races.

There’s always room for improvement, but the problems are more from other RPG genres traditionally. Though I’m also speaking with old information. From what I see googling a bit the situation has gotten worse with time, so for a younger crowd that thinks FFXII is iconic there could be a lot less diversity in the games they like.


Is there a reason they’re not on Kickstarter? KS is a much more visible platform and not being on there is going to cost them quite a lot in the end.


Racial language is weird. You can be a person of color despite being the same color as a person of not-color (pale pink-beige is not a color).

“Person of color” made sense when it literally meant a person of more (darker) color, but now that it’s expanded to mean “non-Caucasian,” I feel like it would be clearer to just say “non-Caucasian.”


Well Indiegogo also lets them not have to hit their goal and still take the money. And they did Skullgirls through this system so their experience is with Indigogo already.


Well, they are using fixed funding here, so it works the same as KS, they’re not using the flexible funding that lets them take it and run.

Either way, let’s hope this works out for them.


That looks awesome.


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