Help a blind girl find her cat in a world where you see without eyes


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Does she get power-ups and enhanced attacks? I’m worried what if the cat turns out to be a jaguar or something.


I feel that a game cannot tell a story unless it has conversation branches and a morality system. 0/10 for this one.


Really like the art. Definitely going to try this one!

Thanks, Laura.


I’ve been playing this game for years at home. It’s called close your eyes and walk around.

Very beautiful, but that’s not enough for me these days.


This puts me in mind of the short Taiwanese animation Out of Sight (敲敲). The theme is nearly identical: Visually impaired girl looking for a lost pet.

The 28 Plays Later podcast focused on “walking simulators” for part of an episode. I’d played a few in the past, but never really thought of them as a genre before hearing this.

Generally I enjoy some sort of game goals (even violent ones) in my video games. That said, if a game’s setting or situation is evocative or innovative in some way, then I’d be fine exploring that now an then even without a lot of action or problem solving.

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