Help this guy find his stolen Darth Vader wood burning stove


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How about we help you find some other place then Reddit to get your posts?


That was uncalled for. It’s everyone’s moral imperative to repost Ember Alerts.


Somebody snagged your DV wood burner?


Police have released a description of the subject: Male, hoodie and jorts.


Dang it, mine tipped over.


That is a thing of beauty, at first i was wondering how anyone could steal such an amazing piece that someone obviously went to a lot of work to make, but the more i stare at that picture the more i’m tempted to the dark side, i still probably wouldn’t steal it, but i’d covet the hell out of it.


Find out places that recycle and pay for scrap metal, because that’s where it’s going.
Quick and easy. Metal for Meth.


Meth’s not that big a deal over here outside some very specific groups. Smack, maybe.


That is truly a wonderful thing (not that it got stolen, but the stove itself).

For some reason, though, it reminds of Mr Kool-aid. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the leg-to-head ratio.


It looks like Star Wars South Park.



Is it a carbon-neutral Darth Vader stove?


Don’t you mean carbonite-neutral?


Rebel scum?



I bet some copyright lawyer took it.


Were there any Jawa Sandcrawlers in the neighbourhood?


I’m expecting updates. Return of the Empire when the guy gets the stove back, and also Clone Wars when the guy realizes there’s money to be made in making more and selling them.


It’s already sawn into pieces I’m afraid. SOP before scrapping something so obviously identifiable and unique.

We had to chain our firepit down to keep people from stealing it for scrap, and that was a simple steel bowl.