Here’s the Amazon-approved washing machine if you don’t have one already in your apartment

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I was expecting a more dystopian machine because of “Amazon-approved” on the title, but it is just boring misleading wording.
I’m disappointed with BoingBoing (ads). /s


Rated C


consider that the notoriously trollish Amazon reviewers pretty firmly support the ZENY,

Trolls love it!


Is anyone else seeing the mojibake here? (Why, exactly, can’t something somewhere recognize that no one is probably ever going to intentionally type the string ’ and make an allowance accordingly?)

I picked up a Scrubba recently, but I don’t think that’s something I’d want to use everyday.

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I think that since a very simple proof-reading would catch it, it would be a waste of time to code it and have another portion to maintain.

For “C” for Clean?


Fake spot rates the reviews for a products on Amazon with A,B,C,D,F. So a product with thousands of 5 star reviews but an F from Fake Spot would be something to avoid. F indicates a high level of deception. A C rating (as in the OP product) still indicates some deception. I don’t blindly follow the ratings but I do check before I make a purchase as it is an extra point of data that can be helpful when considering a product based on reviews.


Does it refuse to wash underwear without a valid RFID tag. “Unauthorized Shorts” Error.


I got a similar machine from Amazon 3 months ago (Costway brand, Chinese, 11.2 lb laundry capacy, 6 lb spin capacity). I’m sorry I didn’t have one of these years ago. It works great, as advertised. I don’t have dirty clothes at home anymore; when I take a shower, I toss what I wore into the washer and have it done within an hour. The only question I have at this point is how durable the unit will be. I will need to hit the laundromat at some point to do large blankets, heavy items, etc, but everything else, I do with this, and then line-dry them in my bedroom on front of a fan. It’s the best $105 I spent in all of 2019!

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Well I for one find nothing dystopian nor boring about a washing machine approved by a legendary society of warrior women. Finally we have a washer that doesn’t perpetuate the patriarchy!


It’s a thing


What kind of “access to water” does it need? I remember back in my apartment when they came round and installed “water saver” nozzles on the faucets with a custom bolt to prevent removing it. Really, it was to discourage attaching washing machines and dish washers.

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Here they just explicitly forbid such things in the lease. I think they can figure out if something’s up by monitoring the water usage. (See also .)

I reckon there’s a market for a device that approaches the definition of “dishwasher” but falls just short enough somehow to escape such prohibitions. But I’ve yet to find it.

The Boing Boing Shop is really obnoxious those days.
Don’t you want to make a Patreon or something ?


A dishwasher uses surprisingly little water. The average for an EnergyStar-approved dishwasher is 4 gallons per cycle, or about one kitchen sink full.


There’s a video on Amazon that shows them sticking a hose into just a random bathroom sink tap, no screw-on or anything. From how it looks, I bet you could bucket fill the thing if you wanted.

Edit: Amazon reviews have a lot of people talking about bucket filling or using their detachable shower head. So yeah… this thing seems like it’d be good for a camper/vanlife even.

I reckon Boston Dynamics could knock something up for that.

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This thing is a pile of garbage. Don’t waste your money. Mine broke the day I got it, I was able to hack it to make it work and then it lasted maybe another 6 months before I had to haul it to the curb. I spent some time looking at other portable washers on Amazon and nothing at a decent price didn’t have reviewers with a similar experience to mine, so I gave up and am back to hauling my stuff to the laundromat.


…a silent 1300RPM motor with rotary controls for a better cleaning effect…

So…it has knobs? Real, bleeding-edge stuff, there.