Here's another example of one cartoonist swiping another cartoonist's work

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The composition was clearly stolen, but there’s nothing in there that was traced.


It’s just a coincidence. There are only a limited number of poses a human body can make, and this is a common one.


There are only so many ways to wear a cloth diaper.


There’s definitely at least some tracing going on in that executioner, many of the lines match too perfectly to be accounted for from eyeballing it alone.


How about this:
Remember in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Solo was smuggling creatures called “Rathtars” ?

Remember them?

Well, I seem to recall something QUITE like them from “Bravest Warriors”.


Since this is a comic related item, I’ll just re-share this one from a while ago. I was reading it again last week for a good chuckle.


I remember that article - he is fucking awful :grimacing:

From that article:
“A fun Liefeld drinking game: take a shot for every pouch he draws on a character. Oh great, now you have alcohol poisoning.”


It’s not a ripoff. It’s a homage.


The superposition doesn’t help. Speaking as an artist myself, the image is definitely copied and the composition stolen, but is not traced.


Strongly disagree. Many details along the viewers’ right side line up perfectly, from the tip of the hat down to the musculature of the waist. But if you’ve made up your mind then there’s not much I can do to convince you. Peace out.


Wow - I think this is a stretch.

And it’s been a while since I logged in - so WTF? An ad between every comment? I know you haven’t missed me but given that every other post is a product placement and now with all the ads, it’ll be a while before I come back. (I suspect others feel the same given the low number of comments I’m seeing.)

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Drawing by hand IS the skill of replicating shapes via sight. With practice, freehanding isn’t even that hard.

Line up the axe-man’s left side, and the curves of his back and arm are very close to exactly the same shape. But once you do, the right side of his body is a drawn at different scale than the right side of the original. Look at the right edge along his hands, his belly and arm.

If you want further evidence, check out the position of his left kneecap. There’s no way on earth that was traced.

I’m pretty sure Rob Liefeld is as why I couldn’t give a shit about comics in the 90s. I didn’t know it at the time of course, but his art is the embodiment of everything I found cringe about comics.

I mean he created Cable, the Mary Sue mutant whose favorite power is carrying a gun. (90s X-Man Bishop also sucks, for having the power of carrying a gun, but I digress.)


Really off. It’s as if he’s randomly drawing 100s of individual figures of different sizes, cutting them out, jumbling them up randomly, then throwing handfuls of the cut-outs at panels. He’s nothing more than a drawer; not an artist.


I didn’t say he used a photocopier. I stand by my claim the latter artist traced at least some of the original as part of the process of creating his own composition. Clearly he still drew a lot of the art on his own as well.

Believe it or not I’m not entirely unacquainted with the visual arts myself.


Never forget his Captain America. Found this funny image where someone drew in the skeletal structure Cap’s…chest…must have.



Both swiped from Roger Corman’s Little Shop of Horrors.

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But at least Liefeld will know if someone ever copies his work.


Hmm… lots of points of similarity in the executioner… but ‘angle of the shot’ has changed - see the wall behind him and the stone. And the central figure is completely different - including the pose.

So if there was actual tracing here, it’s limited.

But on the other hand, it’s clear that Ernie based his picture on the original.

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