Here's the Pokémon UI redesign everyone's hoping for

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This is not a user interface design, this is a game redesign.


I don’t think it can be considered pedantic when it’s pitched as a UI updated but it makes major changes to the gameplay, revamps the graphics, changes the store, includes integration with accessories, adds a ton of multiplayer, and also mentions some stuff about UI.


They could just call this a premium upgrade, charge $9.99 for it and make a ton of money, People have already invested so much time into their Pokemon collection they’d jump at the chance to get a better game.

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In the very least they could add some semblance of a user guide with basic instructions. Even a link to an external website would be better than nothing. That “Professor” guy seemed like he was going to take on the role but he went AWOL a few seconds after the “did you know this world is inhabited by Pokémon?” spiel. Seriously, I don’t know how that guy ever managed to get tenure if that’s what he considers an adequate educational overview.



and not all “good”. I would love to see some UI re-design to make healing pokemon less tedious (if you’re trying to efficiently use your potions). I would also love to see the ability to add tags to pokemon for efficient searching. Group evolving/transferring would be nice but… the way it works now caps how many pokemon you can evolve while using one lucky egg which may or may not be a balancing aspect.

I’d love to see a more useful tracking system but not one that oversimplifies the hunt.

If you want well-designed Pokémon games, I recommend playing the main series of games in the franchise. Call me a purist, but Pokémon Go strays too far from the original style of gameplay for my tastes. The privacy and monetization issues put me off too.

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