Here's what this week's Mars space mission will observe


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I’m so happy that the space program is still being funded, this mission looks fascinating.


It’s about time to start probing back!


Don’t get too comfortable, NASA’s gonna keep probing Uranus for a while


I wish! It has been left unmolested since 1986, and the last and only time when it was probed, it was a very brief affair. We should do it more often.


Hopefully the present administration does not wreck them missions.


what a boring project.

(a little driller humor there)


Ba-dum dum


The planned flights aren’t very long duration, but it’s amazing that it will fly at all.


watch out mole people; we’re coming for you!



(And acknowledging the assist from Elon Musk)


I would love any machine that included a “self-hammering mole”, but a Mars lander with a self-hammering mole is just too wonderful for words. (-:

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