Hertzfeldt's weird future Simpsons couch gag


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This makes me want to live forever, so I can see how this compares to the real Sampsans show of the futurama.


The comments in the YouTube video are amusing. Most of the people aren’t familiar with Hertzfeldt and his brand of irreverent madness.









It didn’t throw to HTML5 today, so digging in the source for m78gYyTrG7Y (hey, it’s short so this must be YouTube…) really congealed fine with the thing itself. Yeah, I sort of remember Gracie Films being edgy once; the world moved a bit as people tolerated more of that intro before activating the Other Set-Top (…) Box.

Takes me back to this old gem from MK12 for some reason. Are they related? - http://mk12.com/MKXII/portfolio/untitled-01-infinity/

Wow, just wow… WoW.

Edit: I find myself wishing for a Cyriak chaser.


We saw this when it came on Sunday… it was delightfully weird and wonderfully done. The whole family was delighted.

All animals can scream.

Watched this Sunday night. It made my flippers itch.

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Well I for one am affanded.

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I really wish the show was this form from now on. Better than all episodes of the last 10 years combined. The deconstruction of our inert pop-culture is complete.

Why can’t I buy Sampsans Mating Gel today?!



Was a great opener to an episode I never wanted to see.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet Rabbi Krustovsky.

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I felt that couch gag summered the last 10 years of evolution of the Simpsons…

The total dissolution of the characters into a vortex of nonsensical self references.

And the Family Guy/ The Simpsons crossover is just the cherry on top.

This is as good a place as any to recommend Hertzfeld’s heartbreaking work of staggering genius, “It’s Such a Beautiful Day.” http://vimeo.com/ondemand/itssuchabeautifulday


Alamo Drafthouse gave truly wonderful support to the Everything Will Be OK trilogy - and the films well deserved it.

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