Hexels: grid-based art app for painting pixelated worlds

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/09/hexels-grid-based-art-app-for.html


This looks cool. I might have to take the 14-day trial when I’m not swamped with other things.

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That looks like so much fun! But the music… I found myself chanting, “I’m a Mac! And I’m a PC!”

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Is there a word that describes this currently-omnipresent type of music? Millennial Marketing Jingle is too long…


Isn’t the canonical solution (currently) for that to concatenate shortened versions of the words? So… MillJing?

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MarMillJing Express? too long again.

I thought it was just called “twee”?

I mean it’s literally just one queer Scotsman with a lisp away from a Belle & Sebastian single.

But that’s cool with me.


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