Hexels: grid-based art app for painting pixelated worlds


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/09/hexels-grid-based-art-app-for.html


This looks cool. I might have to take the 14-day trial when I’m not swamped with other things.



That looks like so much fun! But the music… I found myself chanting, “I’m a Mac! And I’m a PC!”


Is there a word that describes this currently-omnipresent type of music? Millennial Marketing Jingle is too long…


Isn’t the canonical solution (currently) for that to concatenate shortened versions of the words? So… MillJing?


MarMillJing Express? too long again.


I thought it was just called “twee”?

I mean it’s literally just one queer Scotsman with a lisp away from a Belle & Sebastian single.

But that’s cool with me.


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