Hey - um, can we have the Regular Lounge thread back if we behave?

Hi. So I miss the lounge and I bet other do too. Could there be one thread made by the admin and we can set some ground rules to combat what ever negative activity that prompted doing away with it in the first places?

Just a request.



There actually is a lounge thread:

What sort of rules were you thinking needed implementing there? I’m not against a topic with slightly stricter posting requirements as long as there’s a good reason for it, though the current lounge is sort of the opposite (where nothing is off-topic).

Is it only visible to TL3 and above?

If not, it is a Lounge thread in name only.


The society that Regulars were, was abolished.

The reason given was that it created a divided community, one with two castes: the lofty Regulars, and the plebeian Irregulars. That one could achieve Regular status by software - on merits of behavior and not by being bestowed it - was irrelevant.

Regulars back then could smite posts with their mighty staff of TL3 flags, just a few blows enough to banish a post to a realm where only Moderators could see them. Sure, most of the posts flagged were in contravention of posted community standards. And sure, those who had their posts removed regularly almost always had their posts contravening standards. But the powers that be deemed Regulars too mighty, too imposing on the plebian masses and their (ahem) regular flag-blivions.

BoingBoing’s BBS exists as a general interest forum, created for the express purpose of encouraging people to read and contribute posts to BoingBoing’s blog. That it created a society of decent people was an accident, one that had to be rectified.

If it is a society of meritocracy that you desire, one where privacy for a group of non-shiteheads is earned and maintained, look Elsewhere.


This for viewing rules.

See above for viewing rules. If you’re asking behavior rules, what ever you guys want. IIRC the issue was with bad mouthing other people. That seems like an easy enough rule to follow.

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Viewing rules aren’t going to change. Posting rules, however, I’m open to, again, if there’s a good reason for them. :slight_smile:

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I love your optimism.

Ah so it would still be everyone can see vs only TL3.

Well thanks anyway. I tried.


Why not just invite whoever you please to your own chat room, or whatever?

So what’s the difference between this and this?

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Flagging power and a semi-exclusive section for posting. Make no mistake; BBS Regular is an award to recognize constructive contributors but it does not convey the same privileges and privacy Regular did. (Regular is a system group, BBS Regular a user group)

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I am pleased and somewhat complimented by this characterization.

But it is somewhat contradicted by the way some regulars openly hated on each other.

Despite this, I think your characterization is probably more right than wrong.


Speaking only for myself, I didn’t hate anyone, and I never felt hated here.


BBS Regular recognises the group that had regular status before the removal of the lounge. Unlike the “Regular” badge, it is not dynamic and irrevocable.

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It’s also pointless. Unless there’s some ineffable benefit in being able to show people “look what I used to be.”


It’s kind of astonishing how You manage to focus on the style to the utter exclusion of the substance. It’s almost like You (capital Y, referring to BB in general) have no clue that you already had a functional, vibrant community, until you executed it.


I understand your position: badges/trophies/certificates/achievements/etc are pointless. You are more than welcome to ignore them. Others may choose differently, and now they have the option to do as they please: Display their BBS Regular title, their Regular title, or their Anniversary title (or indeed, no title at all).


If there are going to be new titles for each anniversary, military seems like the wrong metaphor. Sailors don’t automatically become commanders by reenlisting four times.

Something like “Sophomore,” “Junior,” “Senior” might be more appropriate for anniversaries.


You misunderstand my position. They are not pointless in an environment wherein they’re just fun recognitions of contributors to a fun, healthy community. They’re pointless in an environment wherein they are the only recognition the recipients get, and in the case of “BBS Regulars” specifically, all it does is highlight benefits gone by, for a group of people now divested of the thing that distinguished them from the rank and file. Merit badges are not actually the point of scouting.

It was nifty to be a Regular, once upon a time. Some Regulars didn’t feel comfortable wearing the title next to their username, feeling perhaps that it made them look like they were trying to be some kind of big shot or something, but I kinda liked wearing that badge. Not so I could lord it over the lowly TL2s or anything, but so that I could show by example that you could put in the time and effort, make it to TL3, and then enjoy a perk or two along with the responsibility that came with the title. I felt like an active gardener in the community garden, a volunteer at the museum, a contributing member of the PTA, or maybe a mid-level Boy Scout happy to help the Cubs learn the ropes and show them a reasonably positive example, someone who enjoyed cleaning up the occasional dog turd, and liked giving uncounted hours running a Badass door game for the community because I felt encouraged to take a slice of ownership in the community. And you know what happened to that.

We’ve discussed this before. This is somebody else’s party. And it’s no fun anymore.