Regular Badges

Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of moving Regulars to TL2 was the loss of the “Regular” badge. This was not intended nor expected from the conversations I’d had. I apologize for not preparing for the possibility.

It turns out I can’t re-grant it, as that badge is a system badge and can’t be edited. Instead, I’ve made a new one:

I will go through the process of regranting it, but it is taking some time. Please bear with me.

Also, I created the first “new” badge today in response to a post:

I’m open for suggestions on how it should be handed out. :wink:


I would suggest either for exceptional assistance in helping out the moderators (as in a “Baker’s Street Irregular”), or someone who civilly argues a view contrary to that of the majority of the community (e.g. @Mister44 in any gun thread).

As for nominations: if you choose the former criteria for handing it out, it’s at moderator discretion; if the latter, I propose a thread, similar to the “#NeedsMoreLikes” thread.


Also relevant:


I know you mean well, orenwolf, but I don’t think you need to go to the effort.

Considering all that’s happened, being a Regular here means absolutely nothing at all. It’s been made perfectly clear that the publisher and editors of the site really couldn’t give two craps about anyone’s level of participation or loyalty other than their own, so there’s really no need for you to flip somersaults for something so meaningless.


I agree. Bosses gonna do what they gonna do anyway, why bother with the illusion of choice.


With all due respect, you do not represent all regulars. The title was a measure of respect earned for being a part of the community. I will work to restore it.

You are welcome to ask me to remove your badges if you wish. (but please, PM me, I’d like to reserve this topic to discuss new badges going forward (and update status on restoring them).

  • I want my badge. It’s mine, and I earned it.
  • I don’t need a badge. It’s hollow and meaningless.

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I;m not sure what you hope to accomplish with an anonymous poll. Do you intend to ask me to disenfranchise anyone who votes yes, should “no” be the majority?


LOL - I jokingly called myself an irregular in the transparency thread. But I meant like jeans whose legs aren’t quite the same length…


I like that, but would specify “civilly and in good faith” – e.g. not pretending that per-capita statistical comparisons between countries don’t matter because they’re inconvenient to the point being argued.


For me at least, the privileges that come with regular status mean more than the badge itself. Namely, the closed regular area was a great resource for us. Not knocking the badge though, because it’s good to be recognised, but really the issue seems to be the loss of the Lounge threads. At least, that’s what it is for me.


Good faith goes both ways. A statistic alone doesn’t tell the whole story. That goes with any topic.

That I guess is the only thing I will miss. I don’t really care for labels. I mean, I guess it is sort of nice to have some recognition, but labels in general can lead to extra biases? Maybe that isn’t even an issue here, but personally I never paid attention to any of the labels or trust levels. That is I’d treat you similar regardless of trust level. Familiarity with a poster would affect my interaction.


Indeed, but deliberately ignoring an integral and well-recognised part of the whole story is by definition a bad-faith tactic, especially when used consistently. We want to reward people arguing positions contrary to that of the majority of the community in a civil manner, which you do re: gun control, and I’m sure you’ll agree we also want to reward them for arguing in good faith on a regular basis.


The irony is strong in this one, since this whole day has been about one enormous disenfranchisment.

I am obviously not suggesting that. You pointed out that I don’t speak for everyone, even though I didn’t pretend to. I figured I’d give people an opportunity to speak for themselves without submitting an official request, if only to provide a reality check for myself. Feel free to ignore it.


I am irregular because:

  • my bowels still have not recovered from all the matzah during Passover
  • one leg longer than the other
  • one foot bigger, the other wider
  • I sure as hell barely fit in with the regulars and have been told by regulars on more than one occasion that I might not belong on the BBS at all.

That is to say I’d be tickled to earn that badge!


All the badges have selectable titles, too. :slight_smile:


Just for clarification: I was using @Mister44 as an example because I think he argues his points in good faith. Or, at least, in as much good faith as anyone (myself included) argues on the Internet. We’re all humans and emotions cloud both sides of any issue.

@Mister44: From the topic you’ve created, it seems that people are accusing you of not arguing in good faith. I assure you that this was not my intent by mentioning you, and I apologize for giving others the opportunity to make such accusations. I apologize for any distress I have caused you, directly or indirectly, through my thoughtlessness. I will not use you as an example in such a way in the future.


OH hey, I didn’t think that you were doing anything other than paying a compliment, or at the very least providing what you thought was a positive example.

Someone obviously disagreed that was a good example, as they felt I didn’t argue in good faith. Fair enough.

Though, you know, allow me to defend myself that I am not arguing in good faith. In fact if his point is valid, than I need to reassess a line of reasoning.

You clearly don’t have anything to apologize for. If I made it feel like I in anyway felt you were responsible or caused me grief, I apologize as that wasn’t my intention either.

Though in general most people use me as an example of what not to do… sort of a warning to young children.


I kid because I like you and well how could I not follow up with this?


@orenwolf, so all the regulars lost the system granted regular title. The system doesn’t allow mods to “cheat” the requirements and just hand out the title arbitrarily. So you created a non-system regular title that can be handed out at will and you are now doing so by hand (ouch carpal tunnel syndrome) to those that previously had the title.

So once this is completed. What is the expected behavior moving forward?

Will new users eventually earn this manually created title or is this just something that those from this previous period will ever have? It seems that it would be tough to keep up with this manually.

Will the system start to hand out the old regular tag again as people meet those requirements or is that old title and requirements scrubbed from the system?

I’m just curious how it will work. Not trying to cause any disruption or complaining.

Have a good night.