Regular Badges


I’m completely open to discussion on that very topic!

Existing regulars will be “grandfathered” in, and I feel like future regulars should be chosen, in large part, by the community (I mean, mods may grant the badge, but I don’t want us to be the gatekeepers of that going forward).

Perhaps we can have existing regulars nominate new ones or somesuch?

Additionally, I’d like to have a badge that recognizes being active here beyond the simple “Anniversary” badge that exists today. It’s seriously awesome that we have members who have been here literally since the BBS opens, and it seems to me being able to have a title that recognizes that fact is appropriate.


In a past life I was probably a head on a pike…


Then people with occasional contrarian opinions will never make Regular, because despite @nimelennar appreciating such, most do not. The desire for an echo chamber is strong here.


I completely agree. The best part of the criteria for TL3 was that it was completely impersonal. To extend the bar metaphor that’s been going around as long as you showed up every few days, laughed at a few jokes, told a few jokes of your own, and managed to not get bounced out for unruly behavior you would eventually become a regular.

Francine over there, who once bit off a man’s ear while wrestling over a signed copy of “The Botany of Desire”? Regular.
Hank, who comes in every night with a new board game and a hopeful look on his face? Regular.
Bill, who thinks the bar is secretly run by lizardmen in skinsuits? Regular.

From the discussion way back in the day @sam made it seem like badges could be both automatically and manually assigned. If at all possible, it’d be great to design the “New Regular” badge to follow the same requirements as TL3 and be awarded automatically. If the community wants to choose members to recognize that should be something else entirely.


I would much rather become a Regular by being part of the scenery than by winning a popularity contest.


The Ghosts in the Machine thank you for this shoutout.


Hence the statement “in large part” - mods reserve the right to promote, too!


Quick update for everyone: The Discord folks have been working on a fix that should allow me to re-badge everyone today. I’ll update when I know more.

Thanks for your patience.


That is not true, and mean-spirited to say. In fact, it is quite common for Regulars to point out as a VERY.POSITIVE.THING that most discussions on this forum are supported by differing viewpoints without devolving the way they do on most sites. We respect those who don’t agree with the majority (which includes me quite often too, btw) as long as they do so in a civil manner.


I have no idea how to interpret that comment.

If it’s about becoming a Regular being some kind of popularity contest, then I fear that it’s true. I don’t know for sure, because we’ve never had to deal with that before, but there may be some grain of truth there.

On the other hand, it could be sour grapes.

Contrarian opinions are one thing, and we tend to appreciate those here, but bad-faith arguing is most assuredly not appreciated.


I guess we’ve had different experiences. There’s self professed “vigilantes” who attack personally if they don’t like what you’re saying.


We all got people who we don’t like or who don’t like us.

Have a nibble.


[citation needed]


Ooh, and I now see so many things I like.


Hey Tickles, There is a little exercise that might help with your irregularity…


I see plenty of cheese, which goes well with…


(comment deleted because the author is still too pissed off about losing The Lounge, etc. to comment nicely about what the Regular badge might look like or do)


You cad! I am lactose intolerant!!! How dare you make a post to single me out?

Hrrump. Good Day!


I was never a big fan of foie gras, but then it became illegal in Chicago. Now I love it!


I’ll pm if you like, but I’m not inclined to reopen a shitshow. The point is, enemies can be ignored until they’re voting on your​ privileges, if the new Regular ever includes such. If it’s just a badge, who cares. Half the Regulars didn’t display their tl3 status anyway.