Regular Badges


BB regulars are an important community, and worth preserving. I belong to several other online communities, but those are focused on very specific interests. BB is completely different. There are people here with whom I disagree on almost every subject, but we can still find commonalities to discuss. Since I am geographically isolated, BB is a significant part of my social life outside of my family.
And I was reading these forums daily for years before I started posting.


The Regular badge is currently just about meaningless, but I’ll accept mine as a memento, and in case it might carry some weight in a future decision about membership privileges.

But will the grandfathered badges be permanent, or can they be lost, as in the past, for lack of activity? If the same criteria are used for new badges (my personal preference, as opposed to a “Miss Congeniality” award), then can the new ones be lost? I don’t want to see a two-tiered Regular badge.


that is pretty much how i am taking it.


Regular badges will be permanent. AFAIAC if you managed to get one by going through the gauntlet in the past, you should keep it regardless.

The new process is entirely up in the air. It may even be grandfathered and never given out again if that’s what the community decides, however - there will be a badge granted to top participating members (via a means yet to be decided, but definitely not exclusively based on stats), and a second badge to recognize your time here (mutants here since 2013 deserve credit and a title for that level of awesomeness).

As for everything else? I’m listening. :slight_smile:


Man, I was pissed when the comments went off to “another site”. I didn’t join BBS for 2 months because of that.


edit Reading the comments I wasn’t the only one. Oh, people do dislike change.


I seem to have joined right away but had been reading BB via RSS and missed that post entirely. Once I figured out oh I can see the posts here and there are other fun things like playing questions I made regular/TL3. I was downhill from there. I will also say my commenting on the regular BB posts went up quite a bit too.


Aw, gee. :blush: [shuffles feet awkwardly]

But seriously: many mutants were here long before that, of course. In my case June 2013 is just when I had to re-register because of the change to Discourse. But if we get a long-service (or perfect attendance) badge after four years, do we get another for five years, ten years etc.? Do people who joined yesterday get one in 2021? What does this add beyond the date of joining that shows up in our user card?

I know I’m continuing to nitpick, and I’m sorry, but if some get attendance awards, then all should. I don’t want to add fuel to the accusations of elitism on the part of Regulars.

Your job must be so much fun. :wink:


Actually, I think that’s a fair point, and one I’ve been thinking about.

First: '13ers should get a badge if they’re still here, full stop. maybe something like “founder” or something? I dunno. I suck at naming things. :slight_smile:

Second: I think there should be a badge for each year you are here, and I don’t want to have to do that manually so I’m reaching out to the discourse people for that option. Right now there’s an “anniversary” basge for the first year, but nothing after that.

The badge icons come from FontAwesome, too - so suggestions on ones to use for future badges welcome :slight_smile:


Maybe call the '13ers “Originals”? Fits with a quirky spirit, reflects the punning beloved here, but still gets the point across.


Who are they, exactly?

Like this one you mean?


We need a snow globe badge for survivors of enigmatic and unexplainably tumultuous phenomena and I nominate everyone who has been a member of the bbs in the twelve months leading up to now.

Kind of like another anniversary badge.

Whoa. I see @codinghorror just mentioned it as well while I was composing this…



Goddamnit! Again![quote=“codinghorror, post:52, topic:99358”]
Like this one you mean?

Exactly, but ones for each year, not just your first year.


That one is supposed to be every year, so if it’s not, that’s a bug…

(It’s possible the person who implemented it misunderstood what I wanted.)


Speaking of the anniversary badges… can someone explain why I do not have it, despite having been around since before the BBS? And is there some reason I’ve not be regranted regular status? Is it just because @orenwolf hasn’t gotten to me yet?



Yes! I just got the list a short while ago and am making my way through now!


I thought that was the case with that, so thanks!

Any idea about the other thing?


No. I’m on it, though.



Also, sorry, as I don’t mean to add to your already long list of stuff to do for us demanding, entitled jerks! :wink:


Dammit, your [sic] a doctor, not a regular.


I’m curious. What do you think is the significance of that?