Regular Badges


I think this is the Regular Doctor Badge @Mindysan33 is looking for:


I was kind of thinking “Relics”.

Or maybe “Cloud yeller”.



Pioneers? Mossbacks? Old Farts?




Or go old school for the 2013’s:


Anniversary looks to be set to not be awarded multiple times.


Even if it is, I’d kinda like ever-more distinctive ones the longer you are a member.


can’t be used as a title, but you do get a cake slice for the day which I have found to be pretty awesome even if it is just a little virtual tag for the day.


That’s actually thanks to a plugin. Which makes it no less awesome. :slight_smile:



For those of us who fought “bloody battles” and survived

(why yes, I do actually have this patch)



All previous regulars should now have the BBS Regular badge and title (if you choose to display it).

Additionally, I created a regulars group in case you want to ping the gang or track membership or anything (it’s slightly easier to navigate than the badges page is).

If I missed you, please PM me. I had to do this manually and may well have overlooked someone (apologies if so, I’ll make it right!)


Yay, somehow I became a Regular again around the same time as the Great Matzah Blockage of 5777 came to an end!


I was asked to speculate. Do you have a theory?.


I should think different people did it for different reasons. I guess my initial question wasn’t as clear and/or focused as it should have been. What I should have asked was, “Why did you think this was worth mentioning?”


Because now the visible badge will be the only remnant of tl3, and it indicates what people thought it is worth.



I even didn’t read BB for a long time, since w/o the comments, it seemed pointless.
Edit: but I signed up, anyway. Joined Jun 28, '13.


And @MarkDow