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Continuing the discussion from John Oliver on the brutal state of sex-ed in America:

I figured I’d move this to facilitate a real discussion on it… So, questions on this can now go here, @pixleshifter and @slybevel

Did you ever want to play questions?

The differences are explained here:

short answer: It happens automatically.


Thanks for the direct link! I think people will find it helpful.

I’ve been trying to figure out why that hasn’t happened for me, as it’s not clear what the particular hold up is… Given my engagment with the BBS, I’m not sure what I’m missing… it looks like from the thingie here it should have already happened… unless I’ve been spamming or getting flags I don’t know about? Or I’ve been banned and didn’t know about it?

Am I wrong on that? Feel free to talk to me like I’m an idiot, cause I can be! :wink:


I’ve totally NOT been flagging your posts. That’s @othermichael’s kind of thing.


Jesus you’re fast! I killed that in like, 20s!



Seriously, though, if I were getting shit loads of flags, wouldn’t someone say something to me? Wouldn’t I know I’m getting flagged? And are all flags the same? If I’m in a heated debate,and the one person flags me out of anger (even if others are agreeing with me) is that the same if I’m calling someone names uncalled for?


Confused? Killed what in 20s? posting this as a new topic? Why am I confused?


I think he’s talking about how quickly you clicked “Like” on his post before he deleted it.


Oh, I just decided that comment was stupid right after I put it up, and you managed to sneak in a like before I deleted it.


You’d think there’d be some kind of automatic warning system (‘you’re on thin ice buddy’), but I don’t know.

It seems silly to flag someone over a disagreement, should be a response to obvious trolling or abusive behavior surely? I’ve disagreed with many of your posts (most probably, ha), never occurred to me to flag any of them.

Maybe the mods have a thing where they can validate the flags, so only the legit ones get counted?


Can’t I talk to you like I am the idiot? Why’s it always got to be about you!?


It’s gotta be something like the ‘read 25% of posts’. I occasionally use Flag to quickly message someone, that wouldn’t count as a flag against this badge, right?


I thought I was pretty good about reading them… but maybe that’s the thing…?


@codinghorror or @sam , messaging someone via the flag option doesn’t count against the Regular badge, right? If it does, I’ve been a naughty mutant.


“This post contains something I want to talk to this person directly and privately about. Does not cast a flag.


It may.
If you wanna do that click on the user icon and pick message and it will send a private message based on the post.
And yeah I can’t figure why @Mindysan33 you are not a regular, you post way more than me and are on all the time and actually post things that are informative.


Why don’t you ever message me??


Thanks!! I suddenly became worried I Was Doing It Wrong.


Oh,I’ll fill your PM inbox with sweet, dulcet notes… Soon…


of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25%

Try clicking on all the blue dots?