New badges?


What magic is this? I’m going after “Crazy in love”

Did you ever want to play questions?

I’m just happy with “Exists” and “Existence Acknowledged.”

My existence has four likes!


Yeah, I thought something like that must’ve happened; I just scored five badges in a row. They were all rather flattering.


Still working on my ‘Humble-bragger’ badge.


Awww…Discourse is sweet on all of us! :smile:


sweet or drunk? Discourse gave me an Empathetic badge, something’s broken in the code : D


Drunk on sweet wine?


the source of the worst kind of hangover. when Discourse awakens it will be in a puddle of puke and with the mother of all headaches.




I got “Won’t Put Out.”


Eh, nothing a good solid carb heavy breakfast can’t help with.


What the hell do they mean by “Cranky Old Fart” and “Mostly Harmless”?


I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist.


Honestly, winning the humble-brag badge isn’t such a big deal after the first couple-dozen times.


What, no badge for high volume of gif-only posts?


And the number of ‘like by all users given per day’ explodes.





I see what you did there…

As for the Gif postign badge idea. Huh can discorse tell what post content is? IE 'this post only contains a gpeg/gif/png/imgur link to one of these) since that’s actually a pretty decent idea.


Mime: Asshole can speak but won’t? :wink: