Did you ever want to play questions?


Hey, @japhroaig, how’s that ear-itch feeling now, one year down the road? X^D


Can’t you tell it’s authentic because his avatar has grown a beard!? :joy:



It’s a beard?!

I thought it was rust!


Did anyone else find a pile of new badges in their notifications today?


Didn’t I come here just to ask what was up with the “badge-splosion”?


Did more people asked the same question?
Can you look at this? New badges?


Did you see there’s a new badge for us generous goofballs who keep running out of likes? Didn’t @crenquis already earn it today?


Do I wish to congratulate @crenquis?
Yes I did see it, do you also love the naming of the second tier? Isn’t ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ not lovely?


Wondering if Rob was involved in naming some of the new badges?


Isn’t that his nose, avec moustache?


Do I really have to wait 4 hours to like?


U wot m8?


You has made it disappear now?


Duplicate accounts can get you into trouble… although why haven’t the powers that be removed the other dude’s 2020 account?


Can you believe I have to wait 23 to edit a post, and I don’t get a badge for it?


Yeah, where’s the “diligence” badge?


Am I going to have to start liking other people’s posts now there’s something in it for me?


Who knew I’d enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal? Isn’t it nice that it’s one of the papers my school leaves out as a freebie?


Maybe because other dude created his own sock puppet in his own image, but crenquis mimicked Slybevel so crenquis’s appeared dodgy?


Doesn’t the WSJ really annoy me, because I like Jon Ostrower’s reporting but can’t get to any of his articles because of the paywall?

Isn’t there a less than zero chance I’ll give Murdoch any money?