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What would some of the spaces be?

  • Long time reader, first-time poster (newbie)
  • AcerPlatonides labels newbie as astroturfer-troll
  • Gamergate defender [see above]
  • Awesome Mindysan gif
  • okay gif from somebody else
  • Warning from the Luck Dragon
  • Comments deleted
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  • Complains that BoingBoing is no longer “wonderful”
  • MRA defense
  • #notallN (where N := whatever)
  • Guns are bad
  • Guns are good
  • Zardoz image/quote
  • Statistics are useless
  • The Catholic Church is at fault
  • All religion is at fault
  • Only atheists are rational
  • Trigger Warning
  • Complaint about Trigger Warnings
  • use of the [spoiler] tag
  • XKCD comic embed
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Godwinned
  • Non-Godwin Hitler reference
  • Downfall video
  • Frauenfelder pile-on (e.g. FoodBabe link)
  • JLW drops a VW Microbus/GoWesty reference
  • an on-topic comment

#Please add your own!

NB: prefix your suggestions with space hyphen space - - which will render as a bullet, and all other non-suggestion comments without space hyphen space which will not render as a bullet.

Here’s a blank:

An awesome cast iron dutch oven for camping
Can you please stop with Cards Against Humanity
What is the fastest check-out line?
Deformed mutant daisies photographed 100km or so from Fukushima Japan
Did you ever want to play questions?
Kalamazoo spree killer picked up Uber fares between shootings
The BBS drinking game
Big Hero 6 fabric excludes girl characters because boys think girls are "yuck": manufacturer

Complaints about Doctorow hyperbole
Snark from Beschizza
Disingenuous query from TrollsOpinion
Suggestion to check your privilege
Reductio ad absurdum from OtherMichael
Gratuitous, tenuously connected essay about bodily functions from Donald
Just a bad apple


Although it may, at first glance, seem absurd - a reduction thickens and intensifies the flavor!

However, excessive heat can drive away volatile comments or even commenters from the topic, leaving behind a dryer thread lacking in essential discourse.


Inexplicable apoplexy at anything Xeni Jardin writes.

  • Cat video
  • “Just look at it”
  • Christ, what an asshole.


Buzzfeedy clickbait headline
Complaints about headline, calling it clickbait
Complainer told they get the free ice cream they pay for
Article about Upworthy style headlines


Repeated attempts for the Pedant Pendant/




No comments on a Pesco article.

  • FTFY modified quotations
  • “Post must be at least 6 characters” added so post will be at least 6 characters
  • Cross reference to how to avoid adding extra text to be longer than 6 characters
  • Accusation that comments have been deleted
  • Double-posted comments
  • Uncaught spam comment


:-1: :sob:


I miss Maggie.


For those of you playing along – please prefix space-suggestions with a space hyphen space which renders as a bullet, and all other comments without bullets.


It is The Law that all Pedant Pendant related posts contain one egregious mistake.


I miss antinous.


Shameless, repeated, attempts to get on the “disappointed with boing boing” dishonor role.

Banned without it being a multi-year goodbye

Freewheeling use of “Be Cool” to shut down a troll or thread

  • a chain of pun replies, reddit-style

this happened today in the bubonic plague thread, hadn’t seen it in a while.

  • Shaddack expounds on the materials science or chemical composition of something, no matter how tangential to the topic.

(I actually am jealous of his knowledge)

  • XKCD strip as reply.
    2. Someone you hate makes an incisive, convincing point.
  • bad formatting
New account springs up to comment soley on red pill issue before forever holding its peace.

####Take ages to create an intricate and thought-provoking point before reading all of the other posts and discover someone with 25+ likes already made said point further up the thread. Delete post, leaving readers to wonder what the hell happened.


I managed to use that mustelid joke twice yesterday :smiley:


The second one makes me think – should these cards be BB-specific and not include generic comment problems, or would that make them too in-jokey?

'cuase Lord knows we can’t stand that sort of thing <\eyeroll>.