Playing Cards Against Humanity on the bbS


Kushner helped clinch $110 Billion Saudi Arabia arms deal with Lockheed before Trump's visit to kingdom
Trump's just gonna wing the debates

best i could find


I can’t even explain why I found this funny




High stakes!


So, I’m guessing these are the rules. .

  1. The threads must be one on top of the other,
  2. You can’t have posted most recently in either one, unless it stopped before this thread started?





Yeah, giving this gang ‘pick the funniest pair of threads’ is just. . too many cheat codes.

And the clitoris is the logical answer to a WHOLE lot of questions!




cheating? if you want to game the list so two headlines stack to make a joke, maybe it’s not as cool as discovering a random one but OTOH constructing a joke that wasn’t there in the first place is less obvious and more creative. by your logic, Burroughs shouldn’t be allowed to publish cut-ups.

in any event, do you think the other two of us ITT are going to bother to check that you bumped those threads? and then what? complain to the mods? “All is permitted. Nothing is forbidden.” :slight_smile:


Some of us just need the easy mode turned off, or there are just too many options, and everything revolves around a few specific phrases that are just too good, y’know? That’s why CAH actually makes us draw cards! It forces a bit more creativity with a limited pool of options

It’s up to the OP what constitutes ‘cheating’, don’t care myself, and never going to think to check up on anyone. there’s already plenty of fun to be had!







I’m guessing nihilism is what makes it intellectual? Non-sequitur? OK, I admit I got nothing.


some gems today:


Noah Django!! It’s Vette! Do you have any idea how hard it is to track you down!?