Cards Against Humanity purchases border territory to stop Trump's wall, gets legal advice and builds trebuchet, to make it stick


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300 gold! How many crates is that in 2018 terms? Wicked!


Yet I can’t buy the game in Mexico…


This post gives me hope, and has made me laugh out loud. Brilliant.


Trump may have expected using ropes and ladders to get over his wall but I don’t think he anticipated siege engines breaking through it.


Wait, they’re still making Prongles, right?


Getting mine in the mail put a huge grin on my face. :smiley:


Ahhhh, don’t spoil the secret contents all of a sudden at the end! Not everyone will get their stuff on the same day!


This just might be my first purchase of a product advertised on Boing Boing; an Xmas gift to myself.


Truly we live in interesting times.


Freakin’ stupid Chinese curse.


BB also did not post about CAH’s other smaller stunt/parody. Prongles (as someone else posted above). I ordered a pack of their two “flavors”, i think i should get my packs real soon, i’ll do a follow up post this weekend when i have a chance to look at them :slight_smile:


The Rebel State of California approves of this.



Just order it online and have it shipped to you.

Heck if you really want it, PM me and I will buy and mail it and you can paypal me back.


Cute stunt, but seems like a gimmick. If there is indeed a small gap in the wall, they can simply build around it or have security watch this area more carefully, no? __|---|___


That’s ok, the whole concept that they will build an actual wall across the lower southern boarder is also a gimmick.


Thanks man.

Turns out that they in fact ship internationally and I can’t read properly.


A lot of the joke cards can have the humor lost in translation when people who aren’t a native English speaker i found. I bought the game for a Swedish friend of mine, she speaks excellent English and when we played with her friends i had to explain or give context to a lot of the cards and it kind of deflated the fun somewhat.

I would likely still buy it but know that one can use blank templates online and print their own custom cards :slight_smile: so you can slowly remove cards you don’t like and add ones that make more sense or are funnier.


I live in Europe and bought the game online in 2012.
I had to send them an email and ask. Then I got a link to a secret shopify store and a password to order from.

I kinda understand why they did it though since the game benefits a lot from being culturally fluent too. American brands, politicans, slang or just really obscure words everyone doesn’t know can make for some really stale rounds.

Then once you’ve played through all the cards you got you realise the game is pretty boring anyways and just relies on shock value that you can’t repeat.


I figured though there would be a TON of online game shops, even in one’s own country, who would have the game to sell.

I actually haven’t played it, but I have played similar ones. I thought the randomness was supposed to keep it varied. That is the new combinations would lead to new jokes.