Geologists on the impossible logistics of the 1,000-mile Great Wall of Trump


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Though to be fair, it’s much larger than Trump’s proposed wall, more than 10 times the size of the proposed 1,000 mile wall. So make it 200 years. (I only mention this because I am having my mind blown by how big the great wall is)


If it wasn’t the fact I’m getting hit with the bill and it won’t do jack all, I would say let shit-gibbon Drumpf go for it!


We should call it the Yuge Wall o’ 'Merica.

Also, the similarities between Trump and Qin Shi Huang-ti (who ordered the Great Wall’s construction) are worth considering—their shared hatred of books, for one.


Please don’t bother Trump with facts.


The logical thing to do would be just build a wall around Washington DC.


Sighs… A 20 foot high wall is utterly defeated by a 22 foot ladder… Hopefully someone in Homeland Security will point this out to Trump and save us generations of embarrassment.



EPIC MONEY PIT! Even a 53 mile virtual fence consisting of sensors-drones-cameras cost one billion dollars to build a problem plagued clusterfuck of a fence started in 2005 by the Boeing Company. Janet Nepolitano killed it after it was deemed “ineffective and too costly”. This was a virtual fence folks.

It would simply be cheaper to have every 45 supporter to go and stand at arms length from one another along the border. If they want a fence so damn bad well, they should go be one!


Oh, there you go again quoting the opinions of experts. It’s clear to the GOP leadership and those that vote for them that these geologists are being paid by Big Immigration to perpetrate this hoax.


I don’t think the barbarians (which was a pejorative term to describe the Germanic tribes by ancient Romans) were making the trek over to China to breach their wall.

The Mongolians, on the other hand…


The last republican president spent more than 2 trillion dollars on his folly, and it killed several hundred thousand people.

If we get out of this one with just a ridiculous wall we should count ourselves very fortunate.


Man/Woman, your 22 foot ladder argument just increased the cost of the wall 10%.


Yes the wall is incredibly impractical and a waste of money. Pretty much any actual thought directed at this will lead you to this conclusion.


I would support building the fence if they would put it on the northern border of Texas.


Would be easier to exile Trump to a shitty barren island. Like they did with Napoleon.


It only has to last through the next election to serve as a prop for donald to stand in front of. After that he won’t care about it.
I think his plan is to have illegal immigrants build it. But have them all work on the Mexican side. That way when it’s done he doesn’t have to pay them and they are stuck on the other side.


People keep saying this, but it doesn’t seem like a very good characterization. The map wikipedia offers, I guess sourced from National Geographic, shows you a giant core section from Korea to then-western China was all built under Qin Shi Huang. That’s sort of the origin of the great wall right there, with later constructions as extensions or restorations as that first section fell into ruin.

So it’s not really a 2000 year project. It’s more something one emperor built using a huge portion of the population – estimates for the death toll range from a few hundred thousand upward – with centuries of maintenance from subsequent dynasties. And even now it brings in tourists to marvel that anyone would build such a thing!

If a modern emperor were willing to pay a comparable cost, I’m sure they could accomplish the same.


Except that was a Dynasty, so what the Emperor said was subsequently done. Welcome to a Democracy, where nothing gets done (cheaply or quickly).


I think that he’ll brand it as the Trump Great Again Trump Wall of Trump.