Trump's lying, there is no terrorism crisis on the US-Mexico border.


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How do we know Trump is lying? Cause his mouth is moving!!!



From Quartz Media:

The biggest terror threat is from right-wing extremists

The Department of Homeland Security was created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to keep Americans safe by drawing together anti-terrorism, border security, and visa control all under one agency. Under Trump, the DHS focus on immigration and on the southern border ignores the real terrorism threat to US citizens, law enforcement officers and terrorism experts have been saying for months.

Trump’s proposed 2018 budget added $4.7 billion to the DHS overall and trimmed anti-terrorism funding by an estimated $600 million, in part to fund the wall. The southern border is not how terror suspects come into the US—the overwhelming number arrive through airports, CBP told NBC News—and a DHS statement that thousands of terrorists are coming across the southern border is so incorrect that even anti-immigrant groups have dismissed it.

In any case, terror attacks are falling around the world but rising in the US, thanks to “homegrown extremists” born in America and radicalized, either by a religious or social agenda.


The increase is largely due to a growing number of attacks by right-wing extremists. Out of 65 terrorist incidents in the US in 2017, “37 were tied to racist, anti-Muslim, homophobic, anti-Semitic, fascist, anti-government, or xenophobic motivations,” according to a database of terror attacks funded by the US government.

Bet he doesn’t touch on that point tonight.


And of course that’s the real threat that 45 and his ilk willfully ignore.


Well duh, that is his voting base…


If one wanted to infiltrate the US on foot, why the hell would they choose to cross miles and miles of desert instead of the lush greenery of parts of the US-Canadian border?


Or rent a boat and walk on to shore along any of the millions of bays, rivers, creeks, inlets and beaches surrounding the country.

Also: “many of the places where a wall can be built a barrier is already in place. More than 650 miles of the 2,000-mile border already have some sort of wall or fence” -Qz



No, you’re the terrorist!


Well gosh, I’m just SO SHOCKED that you are evading backing up your extraordinary claims with even a flimsy shred of evidence. If any of your citations were worth a gnat’s ass, they would stand up to scrutiny and we wouldn’t be able to call them fake. I think you’re just chicken.


Mischief managed, folks. Lets not focus on this troll rather than the Troll the post is about.



If we could only get rid of that one as easily.


Just curious. How much US territory would end up on the south side of the border wall, should it be built. Gotta be a few square miles.


Advice from someone with first-hand experience.


I imagine it the speech will include something about terrorism, an emergency, a fire and the Reichstag.


He can barely finish his own sentences without starting new ones.


I don’t think people realize there are already over THIRTY “national emergencies” declared by former presidents still enacted and trump has already done three (remember the muslim travel ban the supremes upheld 5-4)

BUT trump adores autocrats so expect him to mimic them when he can


With a generous helping of “the sky is falling” racism plus a whining plea for worship of his pathetic ass. He’s used up about all of his sorry-ass tricks to get his phallic wall built so he’s going down on his knees pleading for love. Sorry sucker, but you inspire words like loathing, deep-seated hatred and revulsion. You time has passed pig but you’ll keep on grunting I’m sure.


Really wish Obama would be big enough to simple state “Yes, we had problems at the border, and I struggled with it every day.”

Imagine how much better things would be had Trump not baited Obama at every turn…