Trump offers conspiracy theory that Obama has "something going on" with Islamic terrorism


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Please, Donald, pick Sarah Palin as your running mate!?!?!?!?



The way Trump talks about this seems the person who stands to gain the most is…Donald Trump.

Of course I’m not claiming Trump is in any way involved–not least because I couldn’t give credit for being smart enough, and his fingers aren’t long enough to manage such a far-reaching conspiracy. But he has shown himself to be pretty good at exploiting situations to his own advantage.


So, the lesson Trump learned from the GWB presidency was that speaking to people like they are 3rd graders is not going young enough…


Who knew that having brain damage was seen a qualification for the Republican Nomination?


Alex Jones for VP!


Why can’t Trump just jump to “Your Crazy Uncle” status already and just post a bunch of unconnected memes about conspiracies and what “they” don’t want you to know?

At this point I think Curt Schilling would be a great running mate.


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I saw: running mule


I’d love to see a response that was built around radicals in all religions, and rampant intolerance of others that leads to these kinds of tragedies. Too bad certain influential groups would probably take it as an attack aimed solely at them even if they weren’t directly named…


one of the recommended videos from youtube on the disappointed Guinea pig video:


If he doesn’t implode before November, this all adds to the nightmarishness of the situation. But if he does, and there’s a good chance, then every turn of the crazy ratchet is building it up to be even more spectacular.

The dream scenario is that he goes down like the Titanic, sucking all the crazy down to the sea floor with him in a giant vortex of “let’s pretend none of us was involved”. 'Cause let’s not forget, after Trump we’re still going to have all these activated Trump supporters to clear up.


This isn’t true, but it certainly seems like that is what tRump believes.

Special thank you to @Malarkey for the research!





I really wanted that to be true, @Papasan.


Yeah, apparently that first showed up in October or something. Part of the anything-to-stop-Trump group, I think.

So plausible, though. But it’s just wishful thinking that Trump is lying.


I watched it; but rather than feel the thrill of someone speaking publicly against Trump, I was saddened at the fact that he was getting booed at Stanford.

We’re screwed.


Dear Americans: Please keep in mind that if you elect this man, you are flushing the Western civilization down the drain.