Trump offers conspiracy theory that Obama has "something going on" with Islamic terrorism

PS: Christ, what an asshole.


His complete failure to grasp that even the President of the United States has to operate in an imperfect world and that compromise and accommodation are fundamental parts of been a grown up in the real world. That Trump doesn’t see this puts him nearer to the shooter than Presidential material.


I saw: running mule[/quote]Ruining mate?


Jeebus if there was a running mate that would be more batshit crazy than Palin that would be the one.

Gingrich is going to be bad enough.


Is Trump correct though? Has the Obama administration never called out radical Islam as a problem?

I’d love to see a response that was built around radicals in all religions

Why? Calling out radical Islamic terrorism as a problem doesn’t imply anything about radical Unitarian Universalist terrorism, right?

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That’s what dumbfuck racists have been yelling at their TVs for years! Wow. He’s got his fingers on the pulse of actual America.

Trump2016. Let’s stop pretending Hitler was the bad guy.

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I sincerely doubt Trump’s correct, though he’s phrased it in such a way that he could weasel out of it (by saying he was just talking about this incident).

Because the entire point of this is to cast Islam, specifically, as the bogeyman of the hour. The population Trump is speaking for isn’t going to distinguish between “radical” Islam and the rest of the religion - they think any Muslim is a potential terrorist who wants to kill Americans.

I’d love for it to be made clear that no, Islam isn’t the common denominator here - especially since in this case the targets were ones that other religions have also historically targeted.


Yeah, but I’m guessing Palin is in the top 5 of his choices…

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Right. Cause it makes it look like he won’t make women into chattel again.



That, and she’s still popular with a segment of the population he’s looking to connect with. Plus, she’s done it before and is probably looking to renew her 15 minutes again.


I could be wrong, but my guess would be that given ISIS’s entire goal is to divide people, to demonstrate that Islam and western values cannot coexist (even though they have for many decades), breathlessly labelling extremist actions as ‘Islamist’ plays directly into their hands. That’s not to say it’s not accurate, it just isn’t conducive to winning the fight. They’re nut balls, whereas the many millions of peaceful Muslims aren’t. So leaning on that label, in this case, IMO does more harm than good. People like Donald Trump, ironically, lap up the ISIS narrative and attack the president for not forcing a divide amongst the people.

So yea, assuming the claim is even true, that’d be my guess. It certainly makes 1000% more sense than Donald’s hair-brained theory. And I should know, my opinions are terrific.



Was about to say: we know Trump reads Infowars; that he believes in all kinds of NWO-ish conspiracies isn’t much of a surprise.

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The mix for that video is terrible. The vocals seem lost in the rest of the music.

She’s a proven demagogue.


Agreed. And in some places a popular one.


Sigh. Competed identities. She’s a woman so she should care. But she’s a delusional psychopath, so she doesn’t. But she looks like a woman. And says the shit they tell her to say.

Popular. She’s a brand. An awful awful brand.