Donald Trump's spreading conspiracy theories Antonin Scalia was murdered


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So, if The Conspiracy murdered him, don’t we get to hear some colorful speculation on what liberal-agenda-black-ops-specialist handled it, and how?

Making a fat, sedentary, old man look like he just died in his sleep of probably-cardiac-something is pretty tricky, so it couldn’t have been one of the really militant operators, like ‘thugs’, feminazis, or imaginary communists. I’m having a hard time thinking of a really good villain here.


Uh, dude. It’s us.



The tRump really needs to leave that to the professionals like Alex Jones.


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Interview with Trump supporters: his presidency would be “classy”


Scalia says:
This loaf is as pretentious as its content is egotistic.
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Edit: better one:
The obfuscator of last resort cannot be taken seriously.



But who did the deed? Who would lure him out to a hunting trip in Texas to whack him?


Ranch is almost in Mexico. So only reasonable explanation is Obama paid a Mexican drug cartel to do it, and in exchange he’ll give them all citizenship so they can bring their drugs into Texas.


Was he out hunting with Dick-Face Cheney?


Pretty sure if Obama was going to have that guy whacked he would have done it before all the various rulings Scalia made over the last seven years.


Let’s double down on this conspiracy theory and call it a false flag operation, financed by Trump, of course.


Yeah, see, he already had advanced, um, brain cancer, and all his votes this session would have been nullified, so Trump paid him to off himself.

(Insert dramatic squirrel, with extra-orange quiff.)



“Opposite of Malory is a man, revealed to be the prime minister of Italy Savio Mascalzoni, in a zentai suit, poised atop a rubber phallus, bound to a seatless chair, with five bullet wounds in his chest.”

The truth will come out.